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Multiplaz 3500
Multiplaz 3500
MULTIPLAZ is the only company worldwide that holds a Patent for this unique welding system. It uses a water-alcohol solution instead of shielding gas. It is the first company to use tap water to heat materials by turning the water into plasma- 8000 degrees Celsius.

Compact and Lightweight
Compact and Lightweight
Multiplaz 3500 is a compact system that you can put in a tool bag and carry it anywhere.

MULTIPLAZ 3500 patented plasma technology allows you to weld and solder all common metals: steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum etc and cut through almost all known materials with ease including concrete and ceramic tiles.
It can also be used for separating, gouging, hole-making, perforation, local heating, melting.
Two torches are included with the Multiplaz 3500 allowing you to easily switch modes between cutting and welding or vice versa.
Cost Effective:
The absence of expensive consumables, including special electrodes and gas bottles with propane, acetylene or oxygen, allows for significant savings.
There is no need for costly and bulky additional equipment such as compressors, transformers and pressure regulators. The operational process has become more effective and less expensive.
Multiplaz's Design allows for a 100% duty cycle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The heavy duty design of cathodes and nozzles makes it possible to use them for up to 10 hours before replacing. This is much longer than in regular air-plasma or gas cutters.
Ecologically Friendly Operation:
The use of ordinary tap water as a basic process fluid, as well as the design of the torch that produces plasma out of water vapour, have made welding and plasma cutting a safe process. Heat treatment has become significantly safer with the elimination of combustion and combustion by-products.
The vapour shield that surrounds the plasma jet protects the cut or the welding puddle from the air, meaning hazardous pollutants, including nitrogen oxide, are not an issue. This vapour shield covers the whole domain under the heat treatment and also becomes a barrier for the dangerous dust that can arise from the processing surface of metal.
This vapour shield traps and settles all particles, eliminating any exposure to the operator’s respiratory system. The shield condenses, dilutes and stops the emission of complex chemical compounds from the heat treatment domain.
The purity of air during operation is the reason for its frequent use in poorly ventilated areas - underground utility lines, wells, closed spaces, vaults, garages, submarines, etc.
The Multiplaz 3500 has very low operating noise.                            
Quiet operation has been a welcome surprise for many plasma cutting experts
Here’s How It Works:
For cutting, fill the torch with water. For welding, fill the torch with water and alcohol mix. Connect the power supply and press the ON button. Using the buttons on the electronic module, select the proper mode and voltage for the job at hand. Press the Start button on the torch briefly, this results in the cathode shorting to the torch nozzle.
An electric arc is produced between the cathode and nozzle. Arc energy heats the nozzle, which in turn heats the evaporator, which causes the fluid to heat and turn into steam. Steam flows toward the nozzle outlet under internal pressure (0.4-1.2 bar). Escaping from the nozzle, steam compresses the electric arc. Arc compression increases arc temperature. Compressed electric arc heats the steam to ionization temperature and operates at 8000 deg C.
Arc strength and weld or cut properties are controlled by positioning the nozzle a certain distance away from the work and by selecting different modes and voltages on the electronic module.
The plasma technology employed by Multiplaz was awarded Grand Prix at the 26th Geneva International Invention Salon and has gained numerous awards including Gold medals from Brussels, Geneva and Sofia International Invention Salons.
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